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5 years ago

SoapUI v5.5.0

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Can I install Soapui for Windows 10 Edu 64bit without  PC administrative privilege ?

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    Have you tried installing it? Does it ask for permission?
    You can check with your IT if needed.
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      a rough rule to remember - if an application makes changes to the registry in Windows then local admin privileges are typically required.   I checked and I have both eviware and smartbear reg entries in my registry 


      If you're running a networked machine on a windows domain then it's possible there could be Group Policy rules (set by the domain controller) that inhibit the installation of applications despite elevated local admin privileges





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        On and off I get this message though I am connect to internet. My proxy is automatic.

        Windows 10 Edu 64bit



        SoapUI Start Page

        You're getting this message since your computer is offline and SoapUI can't access the Internet. Without an Internet connection, you might experience some issues when performing Web Service testing.

        Usually, this is where you would see the SoapUI start page, which includes the latest news and other relevant information.

        Make sure to connect to the Internet to get access to all the services and information from SmartBear "