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6 years ago

BasicTest In ReadyAPI! Works "Sometimes" In SoapUI (v5.5.0) free



I have a ReadyAPI! project that doesn't use any of the 'Pro' functionality.  I am trying to get my ReadyAPI! project working in a CI/CD environment, and because we're waiting for purchasing (which will take 2 months) to buy a ReadyAPI! license for the CI/CD environment I've installed SoapUI v5.5.0 (free version) so we can use this until the company I work for pays for a ReadyAPI! license for the CI/CD environment.


HOWEVER - the tests which work perfectly when I run the tests in ReadyAPI! fail SOME OF THE TIME in SoapUI for 3 different reasons. The testcase doesn't use any of ReadyAPI! paid for functionality and I am pulling my hair out!


The testcase hierarchy is as follows:


POST (payload includes a unique templateid and a status attribute) - response gives a blank payload
Delay (10 seconds)
GET (query parm is a $filter which uses the unique templateid of the POST)

The payload of the POST is as follows:

   "templateid" : "${#TestCase#templateid}",
   "ehcstatus" : 814250002
${#TestCase#templateid}  -->> '${=java.util.UUID.randomUUID()'  (which generates a unique GUID)

The GET includes a $filter parameter which is used to retrieve the record created via the POST - e.g. the GET URI is

/api/data/v9.1/defraexp_ehctemplates?$select=status,template&$filter=templateid eq 4d8f664a-b51c-4ef5-ad27-e2e8b1af5cb1

The GET includes 2 assertions - ensuring status and templateid is correct relative to the record created by the POST:


TemplateId assertion expected result is as follows:


Status assertion expected result is as follows:


Within SoapUI, the GET fails for 1 of 3 reasons:


1. either no record is returned 

2. fails to assert a correct templateid

3. fails to assert a correct status


HOWEVER - in SoapUI I get different results each time I execute the tests - sometimes I get no records returned, othertimes if the record is returned in the templateid assertion fails, othertimes if the status assertion fails.  It's not flaky code - cos if I execute the tests in ReadyAPI!  - they execute successfully everytime. 


Sometimes when executing the test, the GET will fail - but if I re-execute the GET again it sometimes works successfully (the assertions pass).


I can run the testcase 3 tiimes in a row and I get different failures (out of the 3 listed above) each time!


Ive spent 8 hours playing with 4 individual tests that return different execution results each time they're executed (but work fine in ReadyAPI!).  I don't have any idea how to proceed now.  ive tried fiddler - no luck


Has anyone got any ideas (other than dont use SoapUI free)?


Thanks - sorry for the long post,



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    I think the best way to troubleshoot this would be to install SoapUI 5.5.0 on another machine with the GUI capability and try running the same tests. Obviously there's something wrong, but running it in ReadyAPI will not evidence the problem. To make it easier to troubleshoot, can you try installing SoapUI 5.5.0 on a machine and run the tests through the GUI there? Might evidence something that's easily missed in the logs.

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      Hey msiadak,


      Sorry - I obviously wasn't clear (again! :))


      That's exactly what I've been doing - I have ReadyAPI! on my laptop and I installed SoapUI (free) on my colleague's laptop.


      I've been switching between executing the test in ReadyAPI! on my machine and executing the same project within SoapUI on his machine all day, comparing the two.


      Appreciate the advice!



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        Sorry, I couldn't go thru entire post.

        If the project is not using any ReadyAPI features, better to design the tests in free edition which is fair and simple to do instead of doing what went wrong.