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4 years ago

Create a new test case via API

Hello all,


I would like to ask how can I create Test or any kind of issue through Zephyr's API. I was able to create test cycle through

the following API 


I did not find the way to create an issue or more specifically test case via API. I would really appreciate a tip how to configure headers and body too.


Can you please help me with this?

  • Hi apuna12 ? this endpoint is correct, since this is JIRA Api call and for create cycle its zephyr operation so end point for zephyr api's is different

    As per screenshot error I can see that you are using jira password as password field in basic authentication. In jira you can't use password in basic authentication, you have to use JIRA Api key value as password field. 


    Follow below steps to generate your JIRA Api key:

    1. Click on user profile

    2. Navigate to manage account

    3. Click on security 

    3. Create and manage api tokens

    or directly navigate to url :
    and create api token

    Once you generated the api token >> copy the api token value and use it as your password field in postman basic authentication and try again





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