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3 months ago

Problem with "External Id" field when importing test cases to Jira using Zephyr Squad

I'm trying to import test cases from Excel to Jira cloud using Zephyr Squad, in the import process I Mhave a required field "External Id" and I mapped it to the ID column in my excel file (ex:TB-1). I want to use this field to reference the old ID of the testcase and maintain a compatibility with previous doc. 

My config .json file (it seems "External id"=id) :

The import is successful except that I can't see the field "External Id" anywhere and the value mapped to this field isn't visible anywhere. Can anyone plz help me figure out what is going on?


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    From you above image, ID was old test case ID?  Have you check your old test case yet?

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    I've given up on trying to make field 'Exernal ID" work, I've asked our IT to create a different short text field (Zephyr Squad ID) to contain the old test case identifier. I've mapped this field correctly when importing with Zephyr Squad and I can see its content in Jira's standard issue view. But it's still not visible in Zephyr Squad test cases view, this is clearly a Zephyr Squad Bug.