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10 months ago

How to Copy more than one Step in a Test Case

Is there a way to copy multiple steps from one test case and paste them into another one while using Zephyr Scale for Jira

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    Unfortunately not.  There are some options to workaround the issue. I'll use these references in my  examples below:


    TC1 - has the source steps you want to copy

    TC2 - is where you want to paste the steps

    TC3 - is a new test case created in the examples


    1) You can clone TC1 to create TC3 (replacing TC2) and edit to suit your needs, but that doesn't help if you have already created your test cases


    2) In TC1 you could use the Call to Test option (right-hand side of the screen) to call TC2 into the test step, but that will add the entire test case into TC1.  You could however add an instruction into the preceding step advising which steps to execute


    3) Use a combination of the above.  Clone TC1, strip out the bits you don't need so you have the part you would have pasted into TC1.  Save the cloned stripped down test case as TC3, then use the Call to Test function to add TC3 into TC1.