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3 years ago

Process of uploading test cases and linking with test plan



I am Sampreethi using Zephyr enterprise since 20 days. But i am really confused with the process of uploading test cases and make them reflected in execution tab. Please check below steps and let me know if i am doing anything wrong here.

1)Created folder 'A' under particular release and then under Folder 'A' created folder 'B','C'.

1)Created mapping of XL to zephyr fields by using Import option

2)Moving the test cases from import to the created folder 'B' 

3)Created Test plan for folder 'A' by providing release dates and added phase under test plan cycle

4)Imported some more test cases and moved them under folder 'C'.


here when i am following above steps facing below issues.

1)All the test cases are not being reflected under Test plan cycle

2)and when i am creating Test plan cycle and phase extra folder is created comparing with Test Repository structure


Please provide me the clear steps to upload, Test plan etc. Need sequential steps







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