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Function to wait for processing to complete

In many cases we have seen that processing times varies so it will wait for the processing to get idle and you can edit the max timeout in this , so this will help in cases of rendering and some process extensive work where we cant use any wait command or any other progress. I tried this most of the CAD Softwares like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Navisworks, Revit, Aveva PDMS, Bentley Microstation, BricsCAD and it worked well.

//function is to Wait for CPU processing to get Idle and with a timeout time
function WaitForProcessing()
Log.Message("Memory Usage : " + Sys.Process("PROCESS").MemUsage);

var time1 = aqDateTime.Time();
while(Sys.Process("PROCESS").CPUUsage != 0)
Log.CheckPoint("While Loop : cpu usage " + Sys.Process("PROCESS").CPUUsage);
aqUtils.Delay(2000,"Wait for Processing"); //Waiting for 2 sec

//Timeout for max 10sec
var time2 = aqDateTime.Time();
var diff = time2 - time1;
if(diff >= 10000)  ///Please edit the time accordingly
Log.CheckPoint("Max Timeout for While loop with time : " + diff);
Log.Message("While Loop Completed with Cpu Usage : " + Sys.Process("PROCESS").CPUUsage);
Updated 3 years ago
Version 4.0

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