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8 years ago

VCLObject not recognized in Windows 10

Before upgrading the laptop I'm using to Windows 10, NameMapped VCLObjects in a software that my script uses were recognizable by TestComplete 12. However, they no longer are after upgrading to Windows 10, installing the software's Windows 10 driver and a Java plug-in.  TestComplete's object finder also can't find the object anymore either.  Any help is appreciated.

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    could you post a screenshot of the mappng of this object ?


    which properties do you use to map it ?

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    Typically, OS shouldn't change object recognition.  However, I know that Windows 10 does things differently in some of the stuff under the covers.


    Object Spy doesn't find anything at all?  What if you expand your application in the TestComplete Object Browser?  What do you see?  Please post a screenshot showing an example of a component you're trying to interact with.


    Other helpful information: 
    1) Desktop or Web? (I'm assuming Desktop as that's the forum you posted in)

    2) What language/architecture is the application written in?

    3) Are we talking about the AUT or some application you are calling within TC to test your AUT?  A little unclear on that part.

    4) If it's Java based, have you made sure that you have the latest Java install for Windows 10?  I think there are new builds that are needed for Windows 10.

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      Sorry for the delay but here answers to questions as well as screen shot(s) to my issue.


      1. Issue is with a desktop application (PV9130).

      2. Unable to find the language the application is written in.

      3. Issue is with an app being called to test AUT.

      4. Installing latest Java version for Windows 10 (Java 8) did not resolve the issue.


      Info on attached files:


      1. PV9130-BtnNameMapping-1.png - selected property for object (pointed at with red arrow)

      2. PV9130-BtnObjectFinder.png - object finder is unable the button in  PV9130-BtnNameMapping-1.png nor the other buttons in the panel. However, when finder is moved around, it does find button outlines outside of the actual button as seen by the partial red outline above mentioned top button. We have not seen this issue with bigger monitors.

      3. & 4. - Other object properties