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2 years ago

2 windows recognized as the same

Goodmorning to everyone. I recorded a test but when I launch it TC shows me an error. He tells me that he is not able to recongize a window. During this test I select an option on a modal window, another one will appear and finally I have to click a button on it. The problem is that TC recognizes both windows with the same MappedName. If I go on Object Browser I see that the Name and the FullName are slightly differents. I tried adding these 2 properties at the button properties but it does not work. It is very limiting for us because this part of the test is necessary, we can't go on without it. I attached the screenshots of the 2 pages on Object Browser.

Thanks in advance to everyone


  • You have two Windows that are unique. Therefore, you need a name mapping for both windows, I suggest using Name property. See Object Identification


    Also, I don't think TC is male or female!

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