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3 years ago

TestComplete / TestExecute parallel testing across multiple machines for Windows application

We are using TestComplete to automate testing our WPF Windows Desktop application. We then run the tests using TestExecute through our Jenkins CI system. As we are adding more tests the time taken to run them is increasing and so we are looking to split the tests up and run them across multiple computers. 

Ideally we would want to build the application on one Jenkins agent then distribute the binaries and test projects to the other Jenkins agents. Tests would then be allocated out to each agent to run (so that there is a rough balance in the time taken on each agent), then have Jenkins show the consolidated results.


There is lots of documentation on parallel testing for web tests, but I've struggled to find resources on how to do this for desktop applications. 


Can anyone provide assistance or point me in the direction of relevant resources?

  • This is how you would split them up.  I don't believe there's a way to have it split automatically.


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