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4 years ago

Problem in running the scripts in Remote machine


We are working on Desktop Application.
TestComplete and Application are installed in Remote machine.
Connecting to Remote machine via VPN and
executing the scripts in TestComplete which is installed in Remote machine.
But the scripts are not executing and generating errors like "Waiting for objects",
i.e controls are not getting identified of the application to be tested.
TestComplete Version: x64
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  • Generally Test execution requires screen to be active, on disconnecting the remote desktop it does not find any object and test will fail stating Waiting for objects.


    Use batch file or the below command to get disconnected from the remote desktop and keeping the Machine active.



    Batch file code to execute in Remote Desktop : 
    for /f "skip=1 tokens=3" %%s in ('query user %USERNAME%') do (
    %windir%\System32\tscon.exe %%s /dest:console

  • Hi All,


    Thanks for your support and quick responses. Problem is resolved, thought of sharing the solution.



    TestComplete is installed in RDP and scripts are available in it.

    Connected to RDP from Laptop via VPN.



    With the above setup, unable to run the scripts in RDP using TestComplete. Generating the error in the log as "The object "XXXXXX" does not exist.  But the object will be available in name mapping window and mapping to the control can see from the Object Browser.



    When we connect to RDP from Laptop,

    Laptop resolution settings will be applied to the RDP and Applications.

    It looks like controls in the application are enlarged and TestComplete is unable to find the controls based on the co-ordinates it is saved before.

    For this we need to adjust the resolution of Laptop before connecting to the RDP.



    This problem existing for Laptop model latitude 5510 which has high resolution 1920X1080.

    Can be adjusted to 1600x900 to execute the scripts properly.

    For Laptop Model latitude 5300, it worked fine as its resolution is 1366x768.



    Parimala Doddi


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    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    Login to the remote machine, start TestComplete and verify if tests can be executed with or without errors.

    Debug errors if any.


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      Yes, we are executing the scripts in Remote machine in TestComplete after login to the remote machine.

      Scripts are executing perfectly in our local machine but in Remote machine with the same steps, it is not identifying the various objects of the application.



      Parimala Doddi

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        Hi Parimala,


        With TestComplete installed on the remote machine you have all power of its IDE and debugger. So just open test project on the remote machine and check with the Object Browser how controls are identified there. Debug and figure out the differences between local and remote machines which cause test code to fail.