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4 years ago

IE processes dont terminate

I want to have a clean up before I start to run a batch of tests. So, I used the code from the documentation to close all the browsers


function Close()
while (Sys.WaitBrowser().Exists)




I dont use IE but the code hangs on ' waiting iexplore processes to close' 

I have tried the code from TestComplete does not appear to close IE11 correct... - SmartBear Community

and before closing all browsers, close ie. 

I has the same effect, it hangs on '  waiting iexplore processes to close' 





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    Did you use tristaanogre 's exact code from the bottom of that thread?  It's known to work well.

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      That is exactly what I said. I used it and it and I still have the problem. 

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        Can you provide your actual code, screenshot of test log with the error and Details pane and what line of code throws the error?