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3 years ago

Exception in Keyword testing with Data Base Table variable



I am trying to compare excel data with desktop application. Passing inputs from my local excel. Created variable in project level and assigned related excel cells.

Test complete is throwing exception when i am passing 000 via excel.

Example: customer id is 00000088 . In the excel the field type is Text. 

Declared as below in test complete. 

Can you please help me how to make this test accept text type as input from excel.

  • Hi,


    I found the solution finally. The working solution is passing all fields data type as text to testcomplete. 

    Will close this thread. Thank you.

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  • Hello bkrishna213 - 


    What is the step in your test that is throwing the exception? Is it a checkpoint? Please show how it is configured.



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      Step where entering customer id



      Onscreen action for settext. Here CustomerId is the one which I am picking from excel.

      Expected is this step need to enter 0000008 in edit field. But once the control comes here exception is thrown.



      Excel is having below columns


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        Over the years I've been using TestComplete, I would run into this problem, and others, using Excel as a data source.  I was spending a lot of time trying to compensate for what are just innate properties of Excel itself.  When I switched to using .csv files for my data source, my test development got much easier.

  • Hi,

    Could you take a screenshot of the keyword test or code you are running that's failing? 

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      The entire test is based on Property check point comparison.

      And its a data driven loop keyword test. The comparison is passed for when excel cell data type is integer Ex: 8900000.

      I converted to text local excel cell to text to accept 0's. When this cell hit test complete then exception is thrown.

      Please check the attachment.

      Thank you.