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4 years ago

Desktop Telerik Gridview - How to get cell's value

I have the following code, but wValue is not recognized. How do I get a cell's value from a Telerik Datagrid?



GridCellValue = Aliases.Purchasing.frmPurchasingMenu.MdiClient.frmPoShipDateMaint.pnlData.tabMain.tpgTracking.RadGroupBox5.dgvTracking.wValue(0,2)


Unable to find the object wValue(0, 2). See Details for additional information. 18:09:07 Normal 11.27 

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      So, I found that if the Telerik Gridview's Cell is editable, I had to double-click on the cell to put it in edit mode, then I was able to get the nValue. If the Gridview Cell was read-only, the cell was 'NEVER' highlighted by the object identifier, but that I could use the checkpoint - Extra properties - nValue - and put in the row column location. This method doesn't work with an editable cell because the nValue property doesn't exist. I thought that was odd. I know I'm new to TestComplete (been programming for 30 years though), and might be missing something.

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        TestComplete just reads the properties that are there.  That seems to be a choice that Telerik made in their design.  You might check their documentation to confirm.