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11 years ago

Missing Telerik WinForms Control Plugin

Hi! I am trying to enable the Telerik WinForms Control Support (Version 10.20) plugin and it keeps telling me that I am missing a dependent plugin? I have gone back through the installation wizard and selected 'Repair/Modify' and nothing changed. Do I need to download it from somewhere or is it hiding in one of my local folders?

Screenshot of message attached.  Thanks!

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  • Installed the desktop module and I now have what I need. Thank you everyone for your help!
  • Hmmm.. .I do not even have that in my list of Extensions. I've tried selecting 'all' extensions and it still won't let me install it. Is there a respository of plug-in extensions that I can obtain these from?
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    If it's not listed under File>Install Extensions then I would perform a full uninstall/reinstall of Test Complete. I believe the extension should come with the installation. Also make sure you have the latest .net framework installed.
  • I can click on the ADD button within the 'Install Extensions' dialog and it takes me to a list of available extensions. I just don't know which one I need to manually add.

    I have attached the list of available extensions.
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    Hi Veronica,


    I guess that TestComplete's Desktop module isn't installed on the computer. I suggest that you run the installation file and check this.


  • Hi Tanya, that is correct. I am only performing web testing but I know that we use Telerik controls. Should I just install the desktop module so that I can use those controls?

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    If you work with desktop applications at all I would select that during the installation. More than likely you are going to run into more things like that where you need one or more extensions from that installation option.