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12 months ago

Comparing table data in IF not working



I have this weird problem were everything seems correct but TC isn't doing the correct steps.


I have a data driven loop, and I am going to check if the product number is a specific product, and it should do the steps I want.


This has worked in the past, not sure why it stopped working.


In the image below, in the blue box, the product number is filled in - this is correct.


For the sake of testing, I added the yellow box - these also give and store the correct values.


The problem is in the red box, for some unknown reason it just skips the if.


Below is a small snippet of the test log, and you can see that the log action provided the correct product number.


Also, you can see that the text in the textbox is also the correct value.


And lastly a screenshot of the if itself.


Can anybody help me notice the issue?


Thanks in advance.



  • Are you able to open your project file (.mds file) in Notepad++ or something similar to view your project variables. For example,

    which represents this in TC,

    Can you see any spaces inbetween the quotes of Cells?

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