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12 years ago

Test Case List Report

I'm wanting to print a hard copy of the test cases (Title, Description, Expected Results) for a set of test cases in a folder.  It looks like I might have to create a Crystal Report for it.  It seems very basic and I was hoping to create a List type report.  I can't seem to determine how to do that.  Has anyone created this type of basic report?

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    I am assuming that you are talking about tests in the Test Library of the Test Management tab and not test cases in the Test Cases tab.  If that is the case, there is an ad-hoc report currently available to SAS customers which is supposedly being released to enterprise customers next month.  If you sign up for a trial, you can see it.  I believe it may be called "Test Library Report" under ad-hoc detail reports.  This will allow you to define the layout and use a filter to select a folder.   Hope this helps. 
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    Yes, I'm talking about the Test Library in QA Complete.  Thanks for your reply.