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2 years ago

How to trigger QA Complete test sets through API Using testComplete

HI Team,

              I want to trigger QA Complete test set using TestComplete through API

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  • Yes I got the solution and implemented its successfully.

     How to trigger QA Complete test set using TestComplete through API

  • Leveraging the power of API integration, you can seamlessly trigger QA Complete test sets through TestComplete, creating a streamlined and efficient testing process. By utilizing TestComplete's scripting capabilities, you can design custom scripts that communicate with the QA Complete API, initiating the execution of specific test sets. This not only enhances automation but also ensures a synchronized testing environment, allowing for faster and more reliable testing cycles. Additionally, incorporating the AAAD APK into this testing ecosystem further optimizes the process by providing a suite of assistance and development tools. The AAAD APK can offer real-time language translation, facilitate efficient collaboration, and contribute to an enhanced overall testing experience. By combining the strengths of TestComplete, QA Complete, and the AAAD APK, you create a positive and comprehensive testing framework that promotes efficiency, collaboration, and a user-centric approach to quality assurance.

  • To trigger QAComplete test sets via API using TestComplete, you'll first authenticate by sending credentials to the authentication endpoint. Next, retrieve the ID of the desired test set, typically by querying the Test Sets API. Finally, trigger the test set using the appropriate API endpoint, usually by sending a POST request with the test set ID. Ensure to handle authentication securely and address potential errors in API requests.