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6 years ago

how to parameterise the current system time in Load complete

Hi All,


Currently i am customizing the script for a batch job which will start running in the provided time period. In this request we are passing only the values for "hours" and "minutes" with an offset value. Please help in how to do the parameterise the hours and minutes with an offset value for minutes along with AM and PM values. PFB request parameters:


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    If you need just one value:

    -- Create a project variable of Current Date type and set its format specifier to 't ampm' (without quotes);

    -- Reference this variable in the body of request. For example, assuming that the variable was named as LTTime, request body in the request editor may look like this: {"value":"\vLTTime\v"}.


    If you need new value every time:

    -- Create project Data Generator variable of Date and Time type, set its format to HH:MM AM/PM and other properties as needed and reference the same way as above in the requests.


    See LoadComplete documentation for more information.


    Then you