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3 months ago
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Test Execution - Create Subtask

When I'm executing my test cycle from the the test player and I run into a defect, I need to create a WIP defect. Upon clicking the gear icon and then selecting create subtask, Zephyr brings me to a search parent issue popup. Why doesn't that default to the parent issue that is linked to the test cycle? So many extra clicks and it would save a lot of time for people who test several test cycles on a given day or week. Additionally, when you click next and get the create subtask popup, it typically defaults to subtask or release, which 9 out of 10 times, it will always be a WIP defect that needs creation when testing is in flight.

Solution: default parent issue to the one linked in traceability and default create subtask issue type to WIP defect.

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  • Another nice to have would be that when filling out the create subtask fields, fields that can be pulled from the parent issue should auto pull, such as component.