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8 years ago
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Re running failed test items in a project suite for defined iterations

In my project I am trying implementing rerun of failed test items for defined iterations, say maximum two times.

If a test item fails after two re runs I am logging a detect in JIRA.

Currently I have implemented it through Testcomplete code and creating a DLL(automating JIRA REST API).

If we can at least automate half of it, say I have a configurable property for test items to rerun them if they fail for first time and also define the maximum number of time we want a rerun for that item.

In the end ,reading the logs if a test item fails every time we log a bug.


This will help in TC integration with Defect management tools and will save the coding effort as well.


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    Cant this be achieved by creating an interation in the script you want executed multiple times?


    something like:

    while testrun < 3 and error = 0

    do things;

    if error then error =1

    testrun = testrun + 1\


  • I have already implemented the logic in my test suite.But it required lot of coding,invoking events and the solution looks like a work around.It will be good if we get this functionality with the tool itself.

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    sharmanehaynr I guess you mean you want to have implemented something like this? 


    When creating test items you would have an option to run the same test x more times (to be defined) if the test fails?


  • Yes,that is exactly what i am talking about.

    Also we have like setup and tear down in junit.

    Can we have onStartTestStuite and onStoptestSuite,if onStartTest and onStopTest do not fulfill the purpose.



  • On which specific page?

    I thought we need to create the new ideas here.

    Please direct.

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    Yes you are right this is the correct page. Sorry for the confusion