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4 years ago
New Idea

New Excel Object in 14.5 - please add additional features to new Excel object similar to COM object

New Excel Object in 14.5 - please add additional features like '.RefreshAll', '.Application.Calculate', '.Application.CalculateFullRebuild' just like the Excel.application COM Object features.


Though the new Excel object provides options to update the specified cell values, the other dependent cells that are having references to the parent cell are not getting updated automatically.


For ex:

Sheet1.Cell(A1) value is <Login URL>

We are referencing this Sheet1.Cell value in other sheets having test cases as parameters like as follows:

Sheet2.Cell(A1) having formula "=CONCATENATE(Sheet1!$A$1,"/page1")"

Sheet3.Cell(A1) having formula "=CONCATENATE(Sheet1!$A$1,"/page2")"


Currently we are using the '.RefreshAll', '.Application.Calculate', '.Application.CalculateFullRebuild' features of Excel.application Com object feature to refresh/update the excel files for this requirement. All the referenced cells are automatically updated.


If this features are available in new Excel object then we can completely do away with Excel installation in Test Execution machines.

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