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5 months ago
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Establishing the Oracle Database connection

Currently the Testcomplete documentation is quite confusing and laborious . 

No detailed steps are provided. Testcomplete can has functiinality for the database testing but the examples provided are doesnt help in understanding and making the things works.

As my current organisation have the DBMS as oracle. I request if you have a detailed documenation of explaining the pre requisites files required for the system 

Examples how to setup a connection via keyword or script testing would be quite useful in making use of the provided functionalities

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    There are many databases available to choose from, and having documentation that covers all of these databases, with examples makes even more "laborious"!

    TC documentation is very valuable, has the required information, plus snippets of coding, to get the individual started.

    I've used Oracle 8/9 may years ago, and if you are familiar with Oracle DB, then you should know that you need Oracle ODBC driver to connect to Oracle DB via a connection string.

    ADO Object has code snippet, using ODBC driver Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0, which connects to a Microsoft Access Database file.