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7 years ago
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Dynamically adding MSAA classes, .NET assemblies, Java classes

Currently we can not dynamically add the below via script. 

- MSAA class names
- .NET assemblies
- Java Classes via Java Bridge

The problem is we share script files which perform functions using the above however we will have to manually add all of the above to each project we use. Very tedious.

Can we please allow the dynamic addition of the items above via script? That will allow us to e.g. use this excellent script from Smartbear
in all projects without us having to define (in the above case) the required Java Classes in Project Properties > Java Bridge > Java Classes, etc each new Project.
I have a workaround for this but still not ideal. You can setup a Project with the MSAA classes, .NET assemblies and Java classes already defined. Then set it aside. Then when you need to use any of that functionality you use this as a source project TO CLONE. On cloning all those configurations come across.
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