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Re: Update / modernize the UI: Reports and Dashboards

I know that ALMComplete allows us to make custom dashboards and reports. That being said, most of us do not have the security clearance to do that. This is an area where we need a MAJOR improvement. Get rid of Crystal Reports! Tools that have a learning curve or require SQL knowledge leave many people behind. We don’t have that kind of time. A simple way of creating reports and dashboards is needed!


  • We are looking for a solution for our reports and dashboards - we know it is a point of pain :(


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    Is there a timeline or roadmap that could at least hint to a UI modernization effort?  There are a several things that have been mentioned elsewhere that are relatively quick wins but just haven't been made a priority...missed opportunity.  I realize I'm being picky but this UI is just wearing me out.  


    Granted I did use the trial before purchasing so I was aware of the UI but you just never really know how it's going to go until your all in and now some releases and regressions down the road I can say that this tool with it's current UI isn't going to cut it long term.

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! Updating UI is our priority and it is on the roadmap.


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  • I'm sure that there are other, much easier to implement solutions for the report customization. Working with SAP is hell (no offence to the SAP people) and also too expensive. Purchasing an expensive license for Crystal Reports only in order to customize the reports in QAComplete is a bit absurd and not customer friendly :)

  • We would really like to see the ability to customize reports too - something that allows you to link the different areas of QAComplete data (test runs & test cases & defects).   We painstakingly export data and use it in our own developed Excel spreadsheets using pivot tables, formulas and various graphs.