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4 years ago
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Allow Folders To be Hidden From Review

At present when creating a review you can hide individual files.


This feature doesn't work very well when you have hundreds of files to hide.


Recently I had to perform a review where a folder contained third party documentation generated by Doxygen. There was a javascript and html file for every page of documentation. This content was not part of the review but became included by the git branch diff operation used to create the review. Because its not possible to perform multi-line selection I tried clicking on the checkboxes but at some point I went over the threshold the web client could manage and the operation to save this failed.


I would like a checkbox beside the folders so I can hide file from the review at a folder rather than a file level.

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    In the Visual Studio 2019 version when I need to upgrade packages I end up with lots of files in the review I don't want to review.  The folder hiding feature would be really welcome