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2 years ago

Zephyr issues since upgrading to Jira Cloud

We're running into issues since upgrading to Jira Cloud and we're wondering whether or not there are any settings we've missed, or if these simply need to be fixed by SmartBear.

1. When moving the scenarios over into a zephyr test, sometimes the fields disappear from screen and we have to close the tab and reopen it. Even refreshing does not resolve this issue each time.

2. Opening a test execution does not always load the scenarios.

3. Creating test suites does not always update, and you will need to refresh the page to see the new folder.

4. When adding in tests to the test suite, if you choose to add multiple tests in, the secondary tests are not added into their correct folders. This is because Zephyr Squad is not honoring the selections chosen.

5. There also seems to be a large loading delay between scenarios and Jira. This happens when you are executing tests, changing the status of the test, etc.