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4 years ago

Best way to automate re-index of Zephyr


We have Zephyr for Jira Cloud and once a week we manually re-index (Settings -> Re-Index) the Project Metadata and then the Executions.


So what is the best way to automate the re-index?

  1. Write some custom code to call the send a request to the "Project Metadata" and "Executions" endpoints, or
  2. Call the "Re Index All Execution" endpoint in "Zira for JIRA API"

Any pointers will be appreciated.

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  • marcm "Project Metadata" and "Executions" endpoints, are private api's, these are not part of public api's, so you cannot call these api's from custom code/some tools like postman,readyapi. Please refer supported endpoint api's in documentation -


    If you still want to automate this process try UI automation and automate. eg: selenium ui automation, Test complete