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3 years ago

Widget/filter for dashboard for tests without Actual Effort

We have a large dynamic team of testers covering multiple projects (100 or so) and one of our pain points are that people especially when new (or not so new ) are forgetting to hit the play button or log their time when running the test cases.  Is there a way to have a dynamic filter showing the tests that are being executed but have no actual effort against them so that the leads can notify team members when they fail to enter in the effort?  

I can get this information by downloading and filtering an Excel file from the report 'Test execution effort (overall)' - however a dynamic filter that people could look on an adhoc basis would be much better

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  • The Test execution effort by tester or Test execution effort (overall) reports may be helpful for seeing this, however they're more high-level and you won't be able to view specific test cases.