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3 years ago

Unable to migrate Zephyr Squad test cases to Zephyr Scale



I am trying to migrate Zephyr squad test cases to Zephyr Scale. regarding this migration i have followed this link

after the migration of test cases to Zephyr Scale some of the issues i have observed

1. Space between the data is missing. regarding this i have attaching image please see.

2. In the original zephyr squad test cases we have Epic Link field but after the migration the field data is not migrated, and field is also not migrated.


Could you please help me on this.


Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Venkateshwara 


    Regarding the field missing. 

    Have you created the field in Scale, like does it exist? 


    If not you may need to add a field for that issue using a custom field. 


    For your other issue, I would check in with support. 


    There may be formatting issues happening causing this but they will no more on how to solve it.