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2 years ago

End-to-end workflow automation

Hopefully my subject line isn't too ambiguous — is there a way to automate workflow automation within Jira end-to-end (i.e., Requirements -> Test Case -> Test Cycle)? Or is there a way to document this as a feature request that would be native to application functionality?


An example that is already native to Zephyr Scale might be that when you mark all steps in a test case during a test cycle as Pass, it will mark the test case result as Pass for that cycle. This is a clear advantage to using Zephyr Scale over other test management tools out there that I've noticed.


But what if the status of a requirement changed to Done once linked test case(s) had been completed? This would, I believe, give a more thorough functionality of fulfillment of requirements.

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    I was not; I submitted an idea for the Roadmap.

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    Hi.  Can we close this item?  Were you able to find another way to do what you were looking for?