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4 years ago

Automations Custom Format

I'm playing around with the Zephyr Scale API for the purposes of connecting it to automated tests.  I've been trying to upload a custom format zip file per the documentation here, but I keep getting the following failure response:

    "errorCode": 400,
    "message": "Malformed zip archive",
    "status": "Bad Request"

I'm using content-type = multipart/form-data and using Postman as my http agent.  Is there any other documentation available about what this zip file is supposed to look like?

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      Ah ha! Postman was defaulting to a capital F rather than lower case.  Changing "File" to "file" solved it.

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      I am also trying to attach result in Zephyr cloud. I am using ReadyAPI/SOAPUI tool. even if I follow the steps you mention I get the attached error.

      Can you suggest what is the request body that you are sending?

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        I was not able to see the entire message. But it looks like something regarding the projectKey. Could you please paste here the entire error message?