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  • Hi elinama 


    Hope you are well. 


    Is the issue still occurring? 


    There are many reasons why this could be happening. 


    First, are you using a Jira Project or using defect tracking natively? 


    If it is Jira, please check the Jira integration section in the admin application. 


    Test the webhook to ensure it is working.


    Ensure the user used for the web hook has all of the relevant roles. 


    They will need all project view rights, issue creation rights, web hook rights etc 


    This could be a service/project admin user ie it doesnt have to be a site/system admin. 


    If you are creating defects internally, make sure the group your user is associated with has the relevant permissions and roles. 


    You can quickly check this in the defect admin>Zephyr Internal management >Groups and permissions


    Let me know how the above works for you 





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      yes, the issue still occurs. i am the project admin for the project'KIT'. but i can't see the defect admin tab in the left side.

      i only can see the 'project setup' when i click the 'administration' .should i contact with our owner for zephyr server  in our company.


      And i have tried many projects like 'KIT' 'GPC' 'Group Digital EDI' 'Zephyr Education' for creating defect. the project "KIT" "GPC" are owned by me. the other project are owned by other co-workers.

      and i found i only can create defect successfully in the project 'Zephyr Education'.