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6 years ago

Working with Dropdown

Hello team,


I have application and i would like to work with dropdown option for my website.


Specially i need to first click on dropdown and then select first item from the list.


Please share the steps for Keyword Test, attached is the screenshot where I need your assistance.


Could you please assist in the same.

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    What have you tried?  Have you used Object spy to figure out the object and it's methods?  You can try recording selecting the item and see what TestComplete finds.  Once you do so, you can make whatever modifications you want.

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      yes, i have tried working with what Testcomplete finds during recording of the dropdown


      However, whenever i playback the recorded steps I do not get the item selected and it says unable to find keyword dropdown.




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        Try to catch the item you want to select with object spy with point and fix and choosing the specified item and press Shift+Ctrl+A in this way you can see if the class of the dropdown is recognized.

        I had the same problem with selecting the dropdown items on desktop application build in Delphi, after adding the class of the dropdown Tools->Current Project Properties->Open Aplication->Text Recognition all items from the dropdown were recognized.

        I had also follow the steps from the link Compiling Delphi 2007 Applications With Debug Information  and rebuilding new .exe my application is working more fast and stable, the controls are recognized.