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6 years ago

Visual Studio Integration and Distributed Testing


    For projects that are set up for distributed testing, can these be inetgrated with Visual Studio and will the tests still run as they would with no integration?


  • You are correct.

    Once VS Project executes the master project of TestComplete using TestComplete or TestExecute, TC will take it from there and will be in control of the other 4 slave machines.




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      Yes the Distributed Tests can be integrated with VSTS and still run without the integration.

      Better yet you can use them with the new Azure DevOps that replaces VSTS and run the entire Continuous Integration automatically on a schedule all from inside the DevOps.




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        Hi Lino - First off, thanks very much for the reply. Just so I understand what you said, if I integrate a TC Project that has a Network Suite item which will contain a Master Project and atleast 4 slave projects, will the following happen?;

        TFS has a scheduled Build, which has a VS project integrated and integrated to the VS proj is my TC Project. When this build runs, specifically the VS Test Task, will TC essentially take over from there and run the automated tests that are contained within the 4 slave projects, and on the remote hosts we have itdentified in the TC project? I believe that is what you essentially said. But just want to be sure I have not misinterpreted what you said.