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3 years ago

Update Selector

Hello. I wanna use 'Update Selectors' function. 

But my 'Update Selectors' button is deactivated like 'Highlight' button at attached image. 
How  can I use 'Update Selectors' button ? 


  • With Salesforce, and any enterprise packaged web app I would 100 Percent recommend the CSS and Xpath selectors, much much more robust. 

  • TestComplete uses multiple CSS or xpath selectors to Identify objects, so if something changes, it can automatically self heal to the other selectors available in the object repository. Also CSS and xpath selectors are browser and OS agnostic, so you could play this across Firefox, Chrome, any available browser. 

  • Hi,


    Previously, I explained the reason for using CSS options as my feeling

    I would put it this way:

    It is possible to search by XPath/CSS using original (now known as 'legacy') approach.

    The case here is that original approach works only on the systems where TestComplete can be installed on. I.e. only on Windows-based systems.

    If you are going to use (or if at least any chance) your web tests with providers like CrossBrowserTesting/BrowserStack/etc. on non-Windows systems, than you just have no other way but to use modern XPath/CSS-based approach.

    If you are 101% sure that your tests will be executed on Windows systems within your network, than any approach as per your personal preferences can be used.


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  • Hi,

    Is the object that you want to update visible on screen? 

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      Yes, When I edit the items, I always show together web page and Testcomplete.

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        I would first select an object you want to update, and then see if the update selector button then becomes enabled. 

        Otherwise I would check that we are using Xpath and CSS selectors in our object repository