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5 years ago

Unable to record in 14.30



I recently updated to 14.30 and now when I try to record a script, the only thing that gets added to the file is:

function Test1()



The function is completely blank.


Has anyone else seen this? Is it a known issue with the latest update?



  • Looks like this may be an issue with the application I am testing.


    I created a new project suite that would test Notepad++ and recording works fine. I added our application to the same suite and it doesn't record. We have to get special DLL's from TestComplete so it sees our program so something must have broke with those recently. I sent a support ticket and they are forwarding that information to the development team.

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    5 years ago

    Thanks for replying Tanya.


    It turned out it was an issue with the DLL's that we need to recieve from TestComplete for our application to be recognized. Anytime there is a major update and now minor updates, it looks like we have to wait for the developers to send us new DLL's related to QT. The developers got me the new DLLs yesterday and I am up and running again.

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    My application works well.


    I wonder if anyone else has that problem, too.


    Try contacting technical support directly.

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      So is it all your scripts or just a few?


      What was the last version you were on that worked?


      Have you raised a ticket with support?


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        I believe I was using 14.10 before. I have a coworker that also couldn't record in 14.30 and downgraded back to 14.10 and is able to record again. I was going to raise a support ticket today.