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7 years ago

Unable to find the object that matches the ... item



I dont really know why I am getting this error - blocking my whole Test-Suite...


I created a Test-Item Set which I run with unchecked Stop on Error and a script that terminates all browsers on OnLogError.


Now it worked a couple of times, but now my Playback is in "Unable to find the object that matches the "..." item because it somehow didn't open the browser or closed it during the process by an error ... Shouldn't the testrun now just stop this single test proceed with the OnLogError and start the next test, like it did on multiple other issues too?


Or is it another option I can uncheck "stop on item not found" or whatever?


edit: Stop on error, Stop on warning and Stop on window recognition error is unchecked


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  • Hi,


    Unless I am missing something...
    What if you uncheck Options|Engines|Name Mapping|Update Name Mapping during test run option (if it is checked) ?

    Does it help?

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    Right, so, as soon as you log an error, you kill all the browsers...  but it doesn't stop the test item from running... you told TestComplete to NOT stop the test item when an error is logged... so, it's going to continue from that error point.  Since there are no browser running then, it tries to go to the next step in the test which, I'm assuming, is trying to interact with an object... and can't find it.


    What version of TestComplete are you running?  because one of the options on a test item, with regards to "Stop on Error" is to either not stop, stop the whole project, or stop the test item....  at least starting with some version of TC 11 or 12.  If you have "Stop on Error" set to Test Item, once you log the error, that item will stop and it will go on to the next one... 

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      We are using the latest version Version: 12.40.2869.7 x64


      where exactly can I find this feature?



      The screenshot prevented shows my properties I have on the project level ...

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        Actually, it's on your test item screen.



        You may need to add the columns to the screen but they are there.  Right click on the column headers, select "Field Chooser" and then drag the "Stop on error" and "Stop on execution" columns into the view.  Then, set the values to "Test Item" to stop that single test item if an error happens... this will then tell TestComplete to go on to the next test item.  Your "OnLogError" handler will still fire and do what it needs to do.