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9 months ago

Unable to find the object Sys.Browser("*")

Hi everbody,

After I updated my firefox version to 115.3.1, "Unable to find the object Sys.Browser("*")" error message started to appear. I can not use my all tests because this message appears as soon as I start testing. Than I decided to update my test complete version, as well. It is up to date now (v but I still have the same error message. I am not so experienced in test complete. Could you pls help me?

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      ok, Thanks a lot, I will try with this version

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      Henry1I've tried it with Firefox version 114, it is still not working, but this time the error message was "the firefox version is not supported"

      so I 've turned back to v 102.0.1. this is so old, do you have any idea about this issue? I need to use newer version of firefox 😞 Really crazy, there is no patches for the v114 as well

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    If you get the following error,

    It usually indicates that your browser is not opened. In this instance, it's Chrome.

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      Hi rraghvani,

      Actually my browser opens, but testcomplete tries to do something as "waiting for Sys.Browser(*)" and than " waiting for page (*)

       and than this error messages

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    You might want to add the following code to the start of your tests to confirm what browsers TC can see, very useful after upgrades of TC / Browser etc.


    //Let's put diagnostic in log about browsers test can see
    var browser;
    for (var i=0; i < Browsers.Count; i++)
      browser = Browsers.Item(i);
      Log.Message("Browser " + aqConvert.IntToStr(i) + " : " + browser.Description);
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    Does it work for Chrome & Edge? might just be firefox doing firefox things.