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4 years ago

The operation cannot be performed, because the user session is disconnected.

I'm running Test Complete tests using Jenkins from master to slave node. When i RDP to the slave machine and run the job test will succeeds. But if the RDP is closed and when i try to exectute tests ...
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    4 years ago
    Thanks for the solutions. My requirement was to run TestComplete tests in Jenkins slave unattended without having any RDP connection. I found out the issue which was happening to me. That is basically my jenkins slave was running as JNLP application. Therefore TestComplete can't run an interactive session. For running an interactive session from jenkins from TestComplete we need to start jenkins slave as a service. And after that there's an option in jenkins TestComplete module to run the test in an active session or not. If you want to run the tests in an unattended mode we need to uncheck the option. Then TestComplete will create a new session and runs the tests.