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10 months ago

TestComplete for iOS testing

Hi all,

Are there a lot of community members that use TestComplete with Appium to test web applications on iOS on a regular basis? Is that a fairly smooth process for you? It seems like detecting webview content and test responsiveness can be inconsistent at best. I have had a ticket open with the support team for a few months and have made some progress, but have not been able to provide any usable automation to our internal customers yet. Also, the documentation (Set up Appium on macOS for Testing iOS Devices | TestComplete Documentation (, shows that it only supports Appium 1.22. If you have had success are you using the old version of Appium or have you tried Appium 2.0? There must be a way to optimize this for better performance, but I'm struggling so far. I'll keep working at it and if I come up with any solutions, I'll be sure to share!

Thanks for your help,


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    The latest page was updated to say:

    The supported Appium version is 2.x (recommended), 1.x (1.22.3 is advised if you need to use version 1.x).