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11 months ago

Testcomplete doesn't recognize browser objects, but recognizes non-browser objects.

  When I use the spy tool TestComplete can only recognize the whole browser page, I tried on chrome, edge and mozilla. However when I switch to a virtual machine it works properly and recognizes objects. Is there a way to fix that on my laptop, because I'd rather not switch to the virtual machine?

  • Are your browser versions the same on your laptop and virtual machine?

    The latest Chrome, Edge browsers have been causing issues for the ObjectSpy.

    Be careful here in case you do have older browser version son your VM versus a newer version on your laptop.  Checking the About in the browser auto updates and I do not want you to lose your VM working browsers.

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    I am also having similar problems, but with Firefox.  We switched from FF 93 OES to 118 OES.  The 'Browser' vs 'Process' problems started when we updated to FF 118.0.2.  We still have a PC on FF93 and everything works.  We also updated a PC to the most recent release of TC, 15.54.3.  When running tests on FF 93 everything was fine.  We also have 2 PCs running TC 15.10.445 one with FF 93 the other with FF 118.0.2.  

    After testing and reconfiguring a bunch we find the following:

    TC Ver. 15.54.3 with (at least) FF 102.15 and higher.


                   Window(“MozillaWindowClass”, PQRS – Mozilla Firefox”,1)


    ** Note the "bad" behavior started on this PC when we updated FF to 118.02 and then we tested various FF Versions down to 102.15 with bad results in each case.


    TC Ver. 15.10.445 with FF 93





                                  Window(“MozillaCompositorWindowClass”), “”, 1)


    So we are attempting to restore to FF 93.


    I found an entry in the forum from some time ago that described similar behavior that was resolved by adding the web component.  Not the case here as we have diverse installations with web testing installed that began showing symptoms for FF versions higher than 93 OER.