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11 years ago

TestComplete- integration with source control


Can anyone please explain what are the required  steps to integrate source control with TestComplete?


In addition, is there anyone who uses GIT as TestComplete sourcecontrl?


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    Add my vote for Git support too. Or at least a tutorial or guidelines on integration. I suspect there would be a bunch of ugly configuration to do such as adding files to Git ignore.
  • Hi,

    Thank you Robert, I read the article.

    However, in my company we are already using GIT as source control, it is not listed in the list of testcomplete  integrated source controls.

    It  seems that GIT is a quite popular tool.

    Does anyone know if  there will be a possibility  to use GIT as source control in testcompletes next versions? 
  • Tanya,

    The link you provided is for Visual Studio plugin and not a standalone provider, not sure how that will work espeically for those of us who do not have Visual Studio.