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4 years ago

Test automation on Virtual Machines

Hi, I'm looking for any alternative methods to perform our nightly automation testing. Our current train looks like this: 1. Tests developed on my local PC are pushed to an Azure Repository. 2. I...
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    4 years ago

    Hi Everyone,

    Alex, you've stolen my thunder 🙂   I was just about to report our success with tscon.  We ran the command manually on the RDP machine which 'shut' it down while the Agent was 'listening' for work.  Our next step will be to create the batch file to run the tscon command and include it in the nightly pipeline.

    So, to run this command (as Alex says, run as an administrator )  within the RDP window, from the Command Line. 

    >query user          (this will return the sessionname eg rdp-tcp#xx)

    >tscon.exe  rdp-tcp#xx  /dest:console

    respond "yes" to to close your session

    ...all done