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5 years ago

System cannot find the path specified for existing csv file

I get this message at random and have no clue why.
Context: let's say I have local variable in Keyword Test called "defaultDbAccess" and it's of DBTable type. As its default value I set path to viable csv file with all the data needed. It works fine for most of the time, but Test Complete "randomly" returns error from title: "System cannot find the path specified". After the error next run will go smoothly, with no problems in locating file. 

Can it be the problem with initializing variable with default value, instead of explicit call in Keyword Test?

I also use git integration and thought it may be problem with some random locks - but why would they occur, and why would they disappear..? 
I wish I could give you more information. 

  • Hi Sonya,

    after some reading I found out that TortoiseGit's process called TGitCache.exe can generate problems similar to what I've been experiencing. I've killed it and prevented from running again: I hope it'll solve my problem. 

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    I'm guessing it's the GIT integration... but I can't be sure.  Perhaps the GIT subsystem, to be able to do the scan on the file and check whether it has been changed to mark for "commit" is doing some sort of exclusive lock on the file.

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      I'll try disabling the integration some time next week and see if it'll change anything. 

      Thank you for your reply. 

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        Thank you tristaanogre!:smileyhappy:


        Hi bach_ls, did you get a chance to try this out?