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3 years ago

Stuff gets deleted after closing TestComplete

Hello everyone,


I have a little problem here. After the update to 14.92.596.7 x64, something weird started to happen. Sometimes (that's the thing - it happens randomly), after I close the project we're working on and open it again, I am greeted with an error like this:


The '<directory>.TestName' file name exceeds the limit set by the operating system.


Test Visualizer is unable to store data to this file.


The test that's being targeted by this error is always the same, though it's not special in any way. What's more is that when this happens, new "Visualizer" folders appear in every keyword test and script folder (25 folders in total) in our project. We don't use the Visualizer in our project. Also, after this happens, the Execution Plan empties out (all the groups with all the tests within disappear) and all the project variables disappear, too. But tests themselves and everything else, really, remain untouched.


We fix this problem by grabbing the old .mds file from the repository.


We have no idea under what circumstances this actually happens. I tried to reproduce this thing myself manually by creating, editing, deleting tests, placing them into and deleting them from the Execution Plan, etc., saving and re-opening the project after each change and... nothing. Everything is fine. But sometimes it just happens when I least expect it.