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12 months ago

Searching Sys object doesn't seem to see Browser objects anymore.

Testcomplete: x64

Testing Web Based applications.


Searching Sys object for objecttype "Browser" - no longer seems to see them.


Have browsers open (chrome, firefox, edge)

Running the following command returns 0


Sys.FindAll("ObjectType", "Browser", 10).length;


See attached screen shot.

  • I've copied the coding shown in your screenshot, and here it is working,

    Using TC v15.52.2.7 x64

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  • Hey,

    1) Project uses JavaScript

    Sample code indicates 


      // Search for all edit buttons in the Font dialog
      textBoxes = w.FindAll("WndClass", "Edit", 5);


    2) I believe this stopped working sometime over the last couple of weeks

    We have a function for closing down browsers which performs a sanity check against the browser page prior to attempting to call the close method. 

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      Did you happen to upgrade your TestComplete right before then?

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        I don't recall when I upgraded to Version: x64

        * Probably shortly after it was released

        I think this was released around first week of June,

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    I've copied the coding shown in your screenshot, and here it is working,

    Using TC v15.52.2.7 x64

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      Upgraded to Version: x64

      - Issue is resolved with this version.