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14 years ago

Renaming Projects

I noticed that when I rename a Project from the TC8 Project Explorer, the corresponding folder name is not renamed within Windows.   Is it OK if I change the folder name manually within Windows to match TC8?

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  • Hi Tom,

    To correctly change the folder name manually, you will need to follow the steps below.

    1. Remove the project you renamed from TestComplete's Project Explorer by pressing the Remove button. For more information, see the Deleting Projects help topic.

    2. Close the project suite in TestComplete (to do it, select File | Close from the main menu).

    3. Rename the project folder manually from Windows Explorer.

    4. Open the project suite in TestComplete.

    5. Add the renamed project to the project suite as an existing item. For more information, see the 'To add an existing project to a project suite' section of the Creating Projects and Project Suites help topic.

    We have a suggestion in our database to implement the ability to automatically rename a project suite (or a project) folder when renaming the project suite (or the project) in TestComplete. Your request has increased its rating.
  • Alex,

    Please add my vote for increasing the rating of this suggestion. The current behavior surprised me. I'd like to see it changed as well.


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    Please add my vote for automatic rename of folder when renaming project.


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    Can we add my vote to this suggestion? I just encountered the same behavior in TestComplete 10; I can't believe it's this old of an issue.


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    My vote too please.  And I'm with Danielle, why is this still an issue?
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    This suggestion hasn't been implemented yet. The project structure is one of the core features of TestComplete, which is related to many others. Thus, its implementation is quite difficult. Take a look at the following quote from our documentation describing this:


    When you rename a project or a project suite in the Project Explorer panel, TestComplete renames only the corresponding files (.mds and .pjs), but the names of the folders that store these files remain the same. Such behavior is caused by the fact that renaming these folders can break links with other project or project suite elements. One more reason is that such modifications may result in disappearance of the version history for elements bound to a source control system. So, we recommend that you assign sensible names to your projects and project suites when you create them, and thus you will not have to rename them in future.


    Anyway, I've added your votes to the suggestion. Thanks for your participation.


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    Thanks for the explanation, Tanya, but the documentation overlooks the fact that often there are business reasons for renaming software or projects and that has nothing to do with the TestComplete project name being "sensible" or not. 

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    Can we be added to the voting list for this feature too?

    Would be keen to be informed when this is implemented, if at all.


    Many thanks!

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      Me too!  Difficult to implement, yes -- but if you can find a way to do it, it will make renaming more agile once completed.  Also more user-friendly and intuitive so that this type of message board post and workaround doesn't have to exist.