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9 months ago

Property CheckPoint - WinForms - Unable to verify value


I am new with TestComplete. I have recorded a few tests but the property checkpoints failed 

Unable to verify a value with the property checkpoint, because the target object does not exist

I'm using a WinForm solution. I think the issue is the random name that was generated in the test recording, which is not going to be the same when we run the tests.



Any advice would be appreciated,


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  • Hello cesaralbusac,


    You'll need to find a common value property of your "zbd2df1c_914c_4690_86b1_1ac47fec5954" component without relying on this changing property, so that your test is systematically functional.


    If you don't have any property with common value in this component, then you'll have to leave an "open" mapping on it (no property giving rise to a unique selection) and you'll have to impose one or more children (required children to be ticked) to enable its unique selection.


    Don't hesitate if I'm not being clear enough,
    Good luck!