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15 years ago

Problem with table checkpoint

Hi All,

I am trying to keep a table checkpoint where the table has a huge data in it with 20 columns & 21800 rows in it. But I tried the range only to 100 rows and 7 columns in Table Checkpoint Wizard > Specify Data Range and hit "Next", the Testcomplete stopped responding for 20 min and finally gave an error message showing "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation."

The same error message came up after a long wait when I tried decreasing the row count to 20 in Table Checkpoint Wizard. Please refer to screen shot for better understanding my issue.

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi Jaya,

    What data types are used in the columns you use? Do they contain some data of variable length (e.g. text or binary data)?

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    Hi Allen,

    Thanks for your response.

    The column names I am working on are text and not binary data.

    Please find my attached screen shot
  • Hi Jaya,

    Thanks for the information. Now we need some information on the table control used in your application.

    - What is the value of the WndClass property of the control (you can check it using the Object Browser)? If the control is a .NET control, please tell me the value of the ClrFullClassName property.

    - What is the name of the component used to implement the control?

    - What language and IDE were used to create the application?

    - If the control is not a standard one, please let me know its vendor and version.

    Thanks in advance.